KIT 1 includes our exclusive educational guide wheel, the Rottwheeler, as well as our 2 gallon tan Kitchen Collector is designed for convenient kitchen food scrap collection. The kitchen collector is a mess-free, odor free and easy-to-use food scrap pail that is easily to transported from the counter to your outdoor organic collection or compost bin. Bag clips for compostable bag liners. Snap lid with double rim minimizes odors. Dishwasher safe, BPA fee and Made from recycled content.

The Earth Machine Compost Bin has an 80 gallon capacity and is made with 50% recycled plastic and provides a convenient way to keep food & yard waste out of the waste stream. This is North America’s #1 selling backyard compost bin because it features snap-together construction, an off-set retrieval door, 4 anchor pegs to secure the unit to the ground, a locking lid and a “how-to guide”, and normally The Earth Machine retails for $100.00 and assembles easily and quickly.

Year Round Compost Tips

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Earth Machine with Rottwheeler and Kitchen Collector